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I have been ministering around the world for more than 25 years and my heart is to bring hope and healing, strength and encouragement to women everywhere. God’s plan is to see you fulfill the destiny He has just for you. That’s my goal as well.

So, come and visit us often as we continue to add new features and expand our current material. We are here for you.

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Recent Article

Women: Whom the Son Sets Free…

There are serious gaps in our interpretation of scriptures that relate to women because we have not looked at them in the light of the culture of the time. Historically, and even today, women are often ignored, marginalized and exploited and the weapon of choice is often the Bible. False doctrine and misunderstandings restrain both men and women, keeping them from reaching their full potential and freedom in Christ. I want to challenge you to examine whether what you teach and believe is truth or simply tradition.
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Women’s Forum

How do we know that right and wrong exist?

If there were no such thing as right or wrong we would cease to be human. What makes us human is the awareness of right and wrong. Without this awareness we would believe that every thought and action was legitimate and should be acted upon. This would make us no different than the animal kingdom, we would just be following our instincts. But if we acted like that, the human race would quickly descend into a state of complete chaos and anarchy. Things like rape and murder would be choices no more significant than what to have for breakfast .
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