Here are just some of the things people are saying after experiencing the ministry of Maralee Dawn.

Wow! You were fantastic. Not only are you an outstanding ventriloquist and children’s entertainer, but you ministered powerfully from the Word of God and touched all of our hearts. You had me in tears a number of times as the Holy Spirit used you to bless me and my wife. Thank you for the time you spent in ministry after the service in helping to heal the hurting. Most important of all, thank you for leading so many to faith in Christ.
Richmond Christian Fellowship

It was entertaining to watch and listen to you, Butch and Suzi, but more importantly, it was exciting to witness a “harvest of souls” that evening. Thank you for being instrumental to that end.
Green Timbers Evangelical Covenant Church

God has given you gifts that are very effective ministering to the troubled and distraught. You are a counselor and a good preacher, open to the Lord ministering through you.
Bethel Christian Center

Thanks again for the wonderful ministry you provided for SuperWeekend. Your special anointing from God does not go unnoticed or unfelt by people around you. I think it’s so wonderful that you give of yourself fully to share your talents and make a difference in this hurting world.
Hillcrest Church

Now that we have had Maralee Dawn here, I can tell you that I was impressed. She is a first class person and conducts herself in a way that impacts people with the pure gospel. There is no doubt that Maralee is very sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. This was one of the best ministries we have ever had.
Mountain View Assembly

It’s not easy to find entertainment suitable for kids from “one to 92,” but you, together with your characters Suzi and Butch, fitted the bill perfectly. Getting the children and adults actively involved, as well as your friendly banter about those attending, was extremely well received and certainly added a very personal touch to the event.
Business Owner

This is a letter of high recommendation for the ministry of Maralee Dawn. We had Maralee and her “friends” at our church Missions Conference for four days and the children wanted to come back each night to hear more.
Willingdon Church

I want to thank you for making yourself available to the Lord for ministry in Macau. We were so grateful as a church that you were able to be with us to use your unique giftings to bless our congregation as well as minister to the children of our city.
Macau Assembly of God

I would like to highly recommend Maralee Dawn’s ministry. We have experienced a great week with large crowds and many children receiving Christ. Her ability with ventriloquism is a disarming tool to open the hearts of parents as well, and we have had many families touched by the Spirit of the Lord.
Marin Christian Life Church

Thank you for sharing your ministry with us. I know the words you spoke reached the hearts of the adults in our congregation, not only the children.
Seaview Pentecostal Assembly

I was especially delighted to have you minister in the morning service where you made an excellent and clear presentation of the Word of God to our adult congregation. Again, as in the children’s meetings, you far exceeded any expectations I had regarding your ministry. I am delighted to recommend your ministry to others who seek not only children’s ministries but ministry to the entire church body.
Bethel Pentecostal Church