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Maralee Dawn

Maralee Dawn Ventriloquist

What ever happened to Maralee Dawn? In recent years Maralee's story has morphed into the miraculous as she has walked from the brink of hell to the throne. Maralee had 12 voices but until now, not one of her own. No longer keeping secrets Maralee boldly shares the true story in her new found freedom.

Missions Fest Alberta 2018
February 23 - 25, 2018
West Edmonton Christian Assembly
6315 - 199 St., Edmonton, AB

Maralee Dawn will be a Keynote Speaker.
Maralee Dawn Ministries will have a Booth at this event.

Maralee's Ministry Schedule

Aberdeen WA TBA
Los Banos CA TBA
Women's Retreat CA March TBA

After Years of Silence - Butch is Back!

Witness the miracle as Butch learns to sing again under the tutilage of voice instructor Carole Brewer of

Remembering David Mainse 1936-2017

Maralee with David Mainse on the Kid Street set and at 100 Huntley Street
Maralee with David Mainse at 100 Huntley Street

David and Norma Jean Mainse were instrumental in launching Maralee Dawn Ministries and giving her a national presence.

Women's Retreat

Maralee at Cornerstone Church, Washington State
Maralee at Cornerstone Church, Washington State

Maralee Dawn and Carol Brewer team up for a Women's Retreat at Cornerstone Church in Aberdeen WA, with Maralee preaching the word of God and Carol ministering in song. Their ministry was well received and a young woman made a first time decision for Christ after Maralee preached.

Ventriloquist Maralee Dawn

Maralee Dawn, Ventriloquist, is best known for her award winning children's television series Maralee Dawn & Friends produced in Canada and broadcast on every continent.

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"I have travelled, worked, and prayed with Maralee over many years and have been moved by Maralee's consistent and unwavering faith in God's Word and His goodness, despite circumstances. She is a woman of faith, which is the only thing that God says commends us to Him. No matter what life may throw her way, be it personal, physical, emotional or financial, Maralee always responds with thanksgiving, praise and trust. She has an indomitable spirit and desire in her heart to please God and to serve His purposes."
J. Lynch

Honduras Ministry with Kim Hodgkiss

Maralee ministers in Honduras

Maralee travelled to Honduras in September 2017 with Butch and Suzi. They visited Kim Hodgkiss in the city of Trujillo and took part in a variety of ministry events. Maralee preached, did ventriloquism and brought encouragement to Kim and her girls. People made fresh decisions for Christ and God poured out His Holy Spirit. Kim has been teaching practical skills and Christian values to teenage girls in Trujillo, Honduras for the past for 25 years. She provides help for the present and hope for the future.

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Saturday: 10:30am ET

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