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Making Bookmarks

  • a strip of construction paper any color cut to the size that you want your bookmark to be (Maralee Dawn used black).
  • stickers
  • glitter
  • glue
  • scissors
  • felt pens
  • pieces of craft foam
  • cloth pieces
  • string or yarn to give your bookmark a tassel
  • any other decorations you can think of
  1. Cut out your strip of construction paper (whatever size you've chosen).
  2. Simply decorate your bookmark. If you remember how Maralee Dawn decorated her bookmark and you want to do it the same, feel free! Otherwise, decorate your's however you wish! Here are some ideas:
  • a fish
  • a butterfly
  • string for hair
  • a favorite Bible verse or poem

REMEMBER: You just need to have an imagination and you can make any kind of shape you want, you can use all sorts of little things around the house.