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Making a Maple Leaf

  • a maple leaf
  • plain white piece of paper
  • crayons in fall colors (red, brown, yellow, orange, green)
  • scissors
  1. Put maple leaf flat in front of you.
  2. Take the piece of paer and place it over the maple leaf.
  3. Pick a crayon and rub it over the paper. The imprint of the leaf will show through onto the paper.
  4. Cut out the leaf and you have a fall colored leaf.
Facts about maple leafs:
  • North America has many different kinds of maple trees.
  • Two types of maples trees are used to tap sap from. They are called Sugar Maple and Rock Maple
  • The sugars in the Sugar Maple and Rock Maple trees are the sweetest.
  • Did you know that Canada has a maple leaf on it's flag?
  • Our Prime Minister has proclaimed February 15th as an official day of recognition for Canada's Maple leaf flag.