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How to Wrap a Parcel

  • a parcel item or something to be sent
  • a box with a lid
  • stuffing of some sort (example: popped popcorn, foam pieces, shredded paper, cotton)
  • paper bag
  • tape
  • pen
  • string
  1. Take the box and fill it with stuffing. Can you think of what else you could use to help stuff your parcel?
  2. Place the parcel item you are packing in the box.
  3. Put lid on the box and use the paper bag to wrap the parcel in.
  4. Tape the bag shut.
  5. Write on parcel:

To: (name)
(city, province)
(postal code)

From: (name)
(city, province)
(postal code)

  1. Tie parcel with string.