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Maralee Dawn

Maralee Dawn Ventriloquist

What ever happened to Maralee Dawn? In recent years Maralee's story has morphed into the miraculous as she has walked from the brink of hell to the throne. Maralee had 12 voices but until now, not one of her own. No longer keeping secrets Maralee boldly shares the true story in her new found freedom.

Maralee Dawn at Missions Fest Alberta 2018

Here is a good report . . . At Mission Fest Maralee ministered seven times and took part in two panels.
There were over 100 who responded to the altar call. In the session just for youth, 50+ youth came to the altar with 22 making a first-time decision!
In the plenary session over 50 adults responded to the altar and there was a great response in the four children's sessions
Many opened their hearts to Jesus or sensed a call to Missions.
The Holy Spirit moved powerfully . . . chains were broken, miracles of healing and many baptisms!

Please celebrate with us... this is Maralee's 50th year of Ministry!

Missions Fest to See Rebirth of Puppet Ministry - City Light News interview with Maralee Dawn by Doris Fleck

Easter Celebrations - Los Banos, California

Los Banos, California, Easter Service
Hispanic Pastor Irving interprets for Maralee Dawn.
"Go and Tell" the resurrection story!!

Preschool in Los Banos, California
Ventriloquist Maralee Dawn shares the Easter Story in a local school to a mixed audience of children and adults.

Commendation Bouquets for Maralee Dawn Ministries
Praise God for all that He is continuing to do through your anointed ministry. We are still rejoicing over what God did through you at Aberdeen, through the anointed preaching at our Ladies Retreat last Spring. The lives that were touched while you were here are continuing to pursue God and grow in their relationship with Him, and we are so grateful. You are one very special servant of the Lord. You inspire us all to serve God more fervently! Plus, all of us here in Aberdeen love you so much!
Pastor Sharon Dublanko
Washington, USA

"I have travelled, worked, and prayed with Maralee over many years and have been moved by Maralee's consistent and unwavering faith in God's Word and His goodness, despite circumstances. She is a woman of faith, which is the only thing that God says commends us to Him. No matter what life may throw her way, be it personal, physical, emotional or financial, Maralee always responds with thanksgiving, praise and trust. She has an indomitable spirit and desire in her heart to please God and to serve His purposes."
J. Lynch

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