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Gospel of John Front Cover

Our ‘Interactive Gospel of John’ (IGJ) is a child friendly version of the Gospel of John, with an innovative smartphone interface technology from Amsterdam, City Bibles and printed in Germany.

Children can scan pictures in the gospel that are linked to live action film clips from ‘The Gospel of John’ film (which we are licensed to use) and from the ‘Maralee Dawn and Friends’ TV series.

The Interactive Gospel brings the stories of Jesus to life in an interactive and engaging way!

Our first 5000 copies arrived in Spring 2020. Over the last five months they were distributed in parks, special church events like Trunk & Treat October 31 and by prayerful adults across British Columbia and Alberta. Another 10,000 are on their way, scheduled to arrive soon.

See a demo HERE

Maralee and Butch - House Concert

You are invited to a House Concert!

Join Maralee Dawn at a Home Near YOU!

Ventriloquist Character
Special Music | Miracle Story
Interactive Bible Demo | Prayer
Opportunity to Seed the Bible Project

Sponsored by Valiant Society


House Concerts are limited to COVID standards at this time, which means 5-6 people in your bubble if held indoors and your guests should wear a mask. No food or beverages are to be served (they can bring their own).

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