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Flower Press

  • 2 pieces of wood (approximately 6 inches/15 cm square and 1/4 inch/1cm thick) with a hole drilled in all 4 corners of each piece
  • paints, paintbrushes or felts and glue
  • 4 screws (approximately 4 inches/10 cm long)
  • 4 wing nuts
  • 10 - 12 cardboard pieces (approximately 6 inches/15 cm square but with all 4 corners cut off so the screws can connect the 2 wooden pieces without going through the cardboard)
  • Wax type paper (same size and shape a cardboard pieces) - 2 to go in each space between cardboard pieces
  • assortment of flowers to press
  1. Decorate one side of each of the wooden pieces with paints or felts.
  2. Put 4 screws into one wooden board and place the board flat with the screws facing up.
  3. Print off and color the butterfly, robin or flower (available soon) and then glue the picture onto the wood or paint/color and design your own picture to put on the outside of your flower press.
  4. Put a cardboard piece onto the the press. It fits snugly between the screws.
  5. Put one piece of wax type paper on the cardboard.
  6. Put the flowers on the wax paper.
  7. Cover the flowers with the other piece of wax type paper and put the scond piece of cardboard on top of the wax type paper.
  8. Line up the holes in the second wooden press, with the screws, and let it slide down until it rests on the top cardboard.
  9. Put on the wing nuts
  10. Screw in each wing nut tight but not too tight.
  11. Wait a few weeks and then take the press apart carefully. The lowers will be pressed flat.