Passionate Women - Maralee Dawn
Women of all ages will be inspired by Passionate Women, a series of half-hour programs with host Maralee Dawn.

The fresh format of these shows combines the extraordinary personal stories of Maralee’s guests – all ordinary women with whom viewers can identify – with practical ideas for everyday life, in segments laced snugly together by the Word of God.

Maralee is convinced that there are people struggling to find spiritual truth and her heart is to connect with them with inspiring real life stories. "I chat with courageous women who sit in my kitchen and bare their soul as they share their personal story with me, we engage the viewers, touching their hearts, which often translates into changed lives."

Maralee and her guests move into poignant discussion of the challenges in their lives and consequent spiritual struggles. Viewers are left each time with something they can use to improve both the concrete and spiritual aspects of their lives.

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